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Air Jordan Low 11 “Concord” Review

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Jordan Low 11 Concord Review






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3.5/ 5

Brand: Air Jordan
Release Date: May 2014


Solid basketball shoe, great sole, and modest in price.


Simple "retro" style of the original Jordan XI, simple black and white colorway, average comfort.
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Air Jordan 11 Low Concord Review

Just newly released, I bought my pair of the Air Jordan 11 Lows and decided to share a review with you guys. I plan on using these as my primary basketball shoes as they seemingly match every jersey/short combination I put on, unlike the “black atomic red’s” Nike KD VI’s I have.

As you know, my reviews take in several things like style, on-court performance, feel, durability, and price. However, each of those factors don’t weigh in as heavily as the final product as a whole. For example, if a shoe has a high price but it’s overall performance is amazing, I won’t dock points just for that one downfall. This is to ensure my readers know which shoes are quality and worth it for your money and which ones aren’t.

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So let’s proceed.

Air Jordan Retro 11 Low Review: Style

Air Jordan 11 Low Concord ReviewOverall, the Jordan 11 Retro’s doesn’t really turn any heads. It’s just a simple, two-tone shell with perhaps a touch of color on the sole of the shoe, but in it’s entirety, the 11′s are simple.

The “Concord” colorway has a black, shiny, and dark midsole. Pair this with a lot of white and a “Retroed” design we’ve already seen, and you get just a basic shoe.

However, style isn’t where the shoe shines most (or at all).

Air Jordan 11 “Concord” Low Review: Feel

I put on the shoe this morning and it feels alright. I have slightly wide feet than the average male, so I sometimes feel like spacing is an issue with shoes. Sometimes I’d feel squished, but the Low 11′s did a good job preventing that inside the shoe.

However, it’s average at most in terms of comfort. The cushioning is fine but I’ve definitely tried on more comfortable pairs of basketball sneakers.

Air Jordan 11 Low Review: On Court Performance

I’ve stated this before: I will use these shoes to ball. Not everyone loves to ball in basketball shoes, but I do. So something like how well it performs on the hardwood is a large part of what I’m looking in a shoe.Jordan Low 11 Concord Review

I didn’t do too much testing on these — like I said, I just recently got them. However, I did go to my local gym court to evaluate movement in these; things like lateral cuts, vertical jumps, weight and fluidity of my movements, etc.

Movement around the gym went really well. These aren’t the lightest shoes on the market, but they definitely feel good to run around in.

Next, I did defensive stops — running at full speed and “chopping” to a full stop. This, to me, largely determines whether or not a shoe is good to play basketball with (indoors, of course). The Jordan Low 11′s did exceptionally well, but I still have a bit more “breaking in” to do before I can say they’re better than others I’ve tried.

Air Jordan Low 11 Concord Review: Durability

With such a recent release in the “Concord” colorway that I got, I can’t fully determine durability as much as I’d like. Still, I quickly examined the weight, material, and overall feel of the shoe.

From the lightness I felt when testing movement, I can only wonder if these are “heavyweight” shoes that I can rely on for a long time, think upwards of a year. I have no doubt in my mind, however, that the materials used will hold for the long-term, but I’m just being skeptical of it’s weight.

It does feel durable enough to play in for quite some time, and the mid-sole is easy to clean because it doesn’t absorb dirt. Still, the colorway I chose was, for the most part, white. People stepping on your shoes can easily hamper it’s simplistic design, so just beware or buy a different colorway.

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The verdict:

Overall, this is a fine shoe. I plan on using them as beaters on the court and just to be my default pair. They are mildly average shoes, in design and performance. But for $150 (slightly more expensive now because of deadstocks), they are great for your money.


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